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Phonics & Spelling

phonics playletters and sounds

Learning about phonics (the basic sound components of words, from which all words are constructed) provides a foundation for reading, spelling and writing.  Our youngest children are introduced to the basic sounds soon after joining the school and they then build on these following a plan of increasing complexity to help make them confident in their reading and spelling skills.  The school follows the Letters and Sounds progression for teaching phonics supported by Phonics Play.  Our older children build on these basics with a school wide programme of our own devising - incorporating the phonics and spelling expectations of the National Curriculum.

Further information about these programmes can be found by following the links below. 

Letters & Sounds


Jolly Phonics - a practice app may also be found on the Jolly Phonics website:


Phonics Play - resources, planning and games to support phonics teaching and learning


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